Microsoft Office cheat sheet: "Includes a handy cheat sheet of PowerPoint shortcuts""

Anyeliz Pagan posted the following review to NetGalley for the PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet:

"PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet is a useful handout that provides a simple and concise overview of the most commonly used functions for Microsoft PowerPoint 365.
The handout provides an overview of MS PowerPoint's ribbon interfacing, detailing the purpose of each main tab as well as a quick guide of the tools found in the Home, View, and Insert tabs. In addition, the handout features verbal instructions for common functions in PowerPoint like creating new slides, changing slide layouts, adjusting templates, etc. and includes a handy cheat sheet of PowerPoint shortcuts on the last page divided into playback and navigation, and formatting and editing shortcuts for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
This handout is clear and easy to read. It is a great companion to "Word for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet." The images of the tool icons provide a quick guide to PowerPoint's interface that makes searching for information on the handout faster and easier. The handout shines in its explanation for inserting and applying animations, which is fairly detailed in comparison to the explanations of other functions.
However, like "Word for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet," the explanations are mostly text-based and do not include images beyond the icons and the ribbon, which might not be as suitable for visual learners. Nevertheless, this is a great tool for students who need to create oral presentation assignments and a handy desktop companion for many professionals who do not have much experienced using the program.

The reviewer received an ARC review copy in return for their honest review.