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LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

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Do you need a quick reference for LinkedIn? The four-panel LinkedIn Reference & Cheat Sheet contains lots of tips and an annotated list of the most frequently accessed LinkedIn features. Topics include:

  • Navigating the LinkedIn homepage
  • Features accessed from the LinkedIn toolbar
  • How to start a post or article
  • How to create a LinkedIn account
  • What's in a profile?
  • How to update your profile
  • How to add/edit profile and header photos
  • How to create a PDF resume
  • LinkedIn's requirements for a "complete" profile
  • 9 critical elements for a successful profile
  • Networking basics
  • LinkedIn's 3 types of connections
  • How to find connections
  • How to connect/add someone to your network
  • Who should be in your network?
  • How to connect with anyone on LinkedIn using InMail
  • Tips for nurturing your network
  • How to use LinkedIn Groups
  • 6 ways to protect your privacy on LinkedIn
  • 4 ways to reduce LinkedIn notifications
  • 4 ways to find jobs on LinkedIn
  • 4 tips for using LinkedIn to search for jobs
  • How to apply for jobs on LinkedIn
  • How to create a job listing on LinkedIn
  • Premium LinkedIn accounts and InMail access

The LinkedIn Reference & Cheat Sheet is based on the award-winning guide LINKEDIN IN 30 MINUTES by author Angela Rose. 

The LinkedIn Reference and Cheat Sheet is an independent publication and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by LinkedIn or Microsoft Corporation.

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